Writing a Business Case for Unified Communications Solutions

Unified Communications (UC) revolves on multimedia collaboration and various modes of communication. Through its technologies, it improves productivity while effectively reducing costs. As a result, businesses gain a competitive edge – creating a must for enterprises to give UC a fair share of their interest. A lot of companies have employed UC methods for their own benefit, however so many still feel blinded by what its bottom line really is all about.

Using UC methods obviously create a huge impact with the IT department and customer service branches of industries; but before any project is approved and the budget deployed, there has to be a significant business case to justify any expenditure on its technologies.

The Entrepreneurial Benefits

UC brings together numerous capabilities to improve various facets of a business. These facets include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

  1. Business. There will be increased profit and revenue, reduced collaboration time, improved communications, bettered customer service, lower cost of travel, and enhanced methods of responding to service outages or similar disasters: all in all, creating a more competitive business.
  2. Users. Among the benefits for users are: reduced cost-per-unit sales, less lag in communications, streamlined processes, improved workflows: all in all, increased productivity.
  3. Mobility. There will be an expected upstream of remote collaboration, leading to less need for travel and commuting (time- and cost-wise). As a result, mobile costs are greatly reduced.
  4. IT. With streamlined methods come reduced costs and less need for user support effort.

The Need for a Business Case

The costs for implementing UC methods are relatively low (if only a single function is applied) or significantly large (if most or all UC technologies are employed simultaneously). As businesses go, there will be closer administrative or executive “examination” the greater the expense. A majority of IT managers understand the need for creating a compelling business case, but often they do not put in enough thought or time when writing the document. Let it be known that the better this plan, the higher the chances of winning its approval.

Here are the three roles that the business case plays:

  1. Consideration of what has been implemented in the IT department so far, and how UC deployment can further improve or benefit the business
  2. Highlighting – and substantiating – how UC deployment can meet the goals of the company
  3. Creating a presentation where the UC deployment appeals to various audiences (referring to the branches of the administration: Finance, Technical, Marketing, and son on)

The Major Investment Components for the Business Case

On any given day, executives of a company will expect a 12 to 18-month return of investment for any IT venture, in this case – UC. Any period longer than this can confirm perceived risks and losses, covering up any benefits that might otherwise be presented. In such case, the business case should have these five key components:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI)- this calculates the costs of implementation and operation, determining when UC should begin to showcase the value that has paid for the investment.
  2. Net Present Value (NPV) – this is a financial number that represents the future cash flow minus the initial investment. It brings in the time value of the monetary value for a [long-term] project. Usually, the company’s CFO aids in formulating the NPV for the business case
  3. Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – this covers every cost to own, operate, implement and maintain the UC technology over a given amount of time (can be presented in monthly-bill or yearly denominations).
  4. Soft Dollar Savings – these are particularly difficult to quantify. By deploying UC solutions, there can be a reduced employee turnover, a stronger sense of customer loyalty and satisfaction, less stress in the workplace, and an increased market share.
  5. Miscellaneous - these other costs include any expenditures that may take place in staff work or related technologies, i.e., upgrading the network, expanding the systems or tools of the management, training the staff, and improving the current security measures of the company.

The business case has to be appealing to the number of departments and heads across the company: the bigger the business, the broader the coverage of the business case. With thorough research, analysis and presentation, it is likely that the transition to UC will be approved and deployed.

Finding Cheap Essay Writing Service Solutions

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School Laboratory: A Place to Explore the World

€A practical experience is more appealing than the bookish knowledge€. It is a known fact to all that practical experience stays with us throughout our life span. In a nut shell, practical experience actually counters the knowledge that we get from the books. Our professional life is more complex than the life within the four walls of the school. In the professional world, we come across many unknown challenges every day. As the practical experience is more durable than the bookish knowledge, so people will gain much in their professional who get an exposure to the practical knowledge in a very early age. With the growing competition worldwide, it has now become very important to empower our kids to fight with every situation.

The school laboratories are intended to give a practical knowledge to the students. School laboratories are of various kinds that include science labs for different branches of science like chemistry, biology, physics; math labs; language lab; art lab; and computer lab. These laboratories facilitate the academic growth of the students as these are fully equipped with instruments through which students can experiment different things and also can explore new facts about the world. In these labs, students, under the supervision of the teachers do experiments and learn to study the micro level details about a particular thing.

It was our forefathers who introduced the idea of laboratory method in science studies. The 17th century is thus very important in this regard. Mendelson (1982) has characterized the Century as the century of “The Scientific Revolution.” In this particular century, the scientists started employing experimental methods as a means of scientific investigation. On the other hand Taylor claimed that Galileo was the first to employ the modern scientific method in the fullness. The educationists recognize three main reasons why science practical knowledge is important for the students’ proper academic development. These are as follows-

1. The subject matter of science is highly complex and abstract. For example, a student won’t understand the structuring of the carbon molecules without practically experimenting that. A science laboratory helps the learners to understand such complex things
2. Students need to participate in enquiry to appreciate the spirit and methods of science. This participation encourages them to be a part of more in-depth enquiries in a later life, and
3. Practical work is intrinsically interesting to students. This practical involvement in the subjects helps the learners to make their grasp strong over a particular subject. Make the science come alive by illustrating how classroom science applies to the professional laboratory.

The computer laboratory in the school is of high importance as computer is that particular subject where practical knowledge is of supreme importance. In the computer labs, the young learners acquire knowledge about the world, explore it with the help of internet and develop different computer programs as a part of their academics. Math lab is an on-line system providing machine aid for the mechanical symbolic processes encountered in analysis. It is capable of performing, automatically and symbolically, such common procedures as simplification, substitution, differentiation, polynomial factorization and indefinite integration. The language lab acts as a control board for the Students for listening, repeating and comparing the lessons allotted in the class by the teacher at the student console. For the students who are very creative in terms of their artworks, the art lab is an ideal place for them. The basic function of these labs is to facilitate the creativity of the future creators.